Break away. Experiences. Serfaus.

Rich in tradition and fascinating. From a small farming village to an insider tip for those looking to experience impressive holidays in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. Serfaus, situated on a spacious sun terrace at 1,429 metres above sea level. Original. Unique. Unforgettable.

Serfaus over the years

The history of Serfaus stretches back over three millennia. Findings suggest that shepherds or hunters would warm themselves at fire sites there. A silver and copper mine was later built, the tunnels of which are still preserved today. Celts, Romans, Raetians, Bavarians and Walsers: They all settled here and left their traces. These days, it is primarily holidaymakers from near and far, families, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers who keep being drawn to this place, which is unique both culturally and in terms of its landscape

One of the smallest underground train systems in the world

The village came up with a solution for dealing with the increasing traffic: In the 1970s, they decided to close the entire village to private traffic and to use buses to bring visitors to their desired destination. It wasn't long until an even better solution was found to chauffeur visitors comfortably and quickly: The Serfaus village railway was opened in 1985 as an air cushion funicular and, at 1,280 metres, is one of the smallest underground railways in the world. 

Info on the Serfaus village railway:

Enjoy the tranquillity and a holiday with little traffic. You can reach your destination free of charge using the Serfaus village railway from the entrance to the village to the cable car valley station. 

There is a general traffic ban throughout the entire local area. Arrivals & departures and excursions are excluded. The maximum permitted speed in the local area is 20 km/h.

Even stronger together

The ski regions of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis merged in 2001. This led to the creation of a unique highlight for all winter sports fans, while families, hikers, motorcyclists, connoisseurs and nature lovers are also captivated by the beauty and unspoilt nature of this special region in summer.

Winter in Serfaus

Dancing snowflakes, glistening white landscapes in the winter sun and unlimited fun on the slopes. The winter is long at over 1,400 metres. Here’s to happiness! Savour every moment of it, while skiing and snowboarding, on runners or in tracks, in powder or on ice.

Summer in Serfaus

When the sun rises high above the village, the fresh mountain wind cools the skin and there's a wonderful smell of flowers and hay - this marks the arrival of mountain summer in Ladis. Discover it: on foot or by bike, as a couple or with the whole family, sometimes active, sometimes completely relaxed.